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These wire shelves are probably our most popular choice of modular shelving because of their attractive finishes, range of sizes, different strengths and customizability. This makes the shelf extremely versatile for industrial storage and display.

The use of wire maximizes air and light circulation which improves visibility of items and also reduces dust collection on the shelves. Items being stored on the shelves are also more accessible.

Features of these shelves include:

  • range of sizes available
  • highly durable construction
  • structural strength choices
  • choices of 4 finishes + stainless
  • all finishes are resistant to chipping, rust and other forms of corrosion
  • compatible with all our shelving accessories

DSCF9349 Shelving Details

Shelving Sizes Available:

Post Height
Shelf A
18" x 36"
Shelf B
18" x 48"
Shelf C
18" x 60"
Shelf D
18" x 72"
Shelf E
24" x 36"
Shelf F
24" x 48"
Shelf G
24" x 60"
Shelf H
24" x 72"

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ITEM #: DSCF9349

DSCF9349 industrial wire shelves

Finishes Available:

- chrome plated
- powder coating
- chrome plated and powder coating
- zinc plated and powder coating
- stainless
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Shelf Strengths:

Light Duty / Heavy Duty / Ultra Heavy Duty
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